Thursday, February 11, 2010


For those of you who missed book group last night, I thought I'd share a little taste of what you missed.
  1. We all liked the book.
  2. Some of us really liked the book.
  3. Rosalie is still miffed that we didn't vote for Left to Tell instead.
  4. Some of us felt that our lives were already abounding in drama and were glad not to read Left to Tell at this time.
  5. Amy's childhood was replete with examples of What Not To Do To Your Siblings.
  6. Kim proved that mothers can still embarrass their adult children.
  7. Everyone should visit the Distribution Center and check out the new products.
  8. Menopause is not fun.
  9. Colette needs a new family picture.
  10. Some of us are glad that Alan Bradley is writing more Flavia de Luce books (one coming in March).
  11. The Venus is a woman's friend (best friend?)
  12. There were FAR TOO MANY OF US MISSING!!!!
Hope to see you ALL next month at Kim's house. We'll be discussing The Help by Kathryn Stockett.