Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Contributing to a blog------this is new for me, but I'm glad we're doing it.  It should be a lot of fun, and hooray! we get to hear from Lindsey, too.  Loved the picture from last Christmas and I am looking forward to seeing everyone next month.  Has anyone started Plain and Simple yet? 

Great Job Tiffanie

Thanks so  much for setting this blog  up Tiffanie!  I love it.  I will post a couple of recipes from Thursday night, hopefully later today. So it sounds like Shelley agreed to host book group next month..can't wait.
Does everyone know about the December date?

Monday, October 27, 2008

The First Post

At Kim's on Thursday, Heather said that she thought it would be fun if we had a blog that everyone could post to. I think we were eating some of Kim's really good food at the time, and Heather was thinking of recipes. So here we are--a place where we can write about the books we read, share our recipes, and keep in touch in between meetings. And I promise not to write about politics... too much.